General Questions

StoreWatch is an app built for Shopify to monitor your store for any changes.

StoreWatch gives you total peace of mind your store is up and running. And any changes, whether they are ones you are expecting from your team or even malicious attacks would all be tracked and you notified.

In addition to your own store, StoreWatch gives you the ability to track competitor pages for example pricing. Allowing you to maintain your edge in the market.

Specify the URL of the page you wish to monitor and based on your subscription how quick you want to be informed. That's it - StoreWatch runs day and night, completely in the background, with no impact on your store. And again based on your subscription, when something changes, you'll either get an email and mobile notifications.

By default, the entire contents of the page specified are monitored. However you have the option to only monitor specific elements of the page if you so wish - for example you may only want to watch the price, a certain title or even a paragraph - you choose.

Yes, rest assured. For starters, we don't collect any tracking data or anything private related to your store. We take a snapshot of the public URL you have asked us to monitor. Thats it. Nothing extra is collected and nothing is shared with any 3rd parties. Finally, we ensure everything else is completely inline Shopify's best practices.

And we're committed to keeping it that way.

Technical Help

By default once a page is selected, it is monitored entirely. However at times you may wish to monitor just a specific section or exclude a section of the page. For example if say there is an element that frequently changes, like a clock. You would want to avoid being alerted for these.


  • On the Add New monitor page, untick the field 'Monitor Entire Page'
  • You'll see 2 new fields. Decide whether you want to include elements or exclude
  • Enter the CSS selector. The CSS selector can be found by the following steps:
    - View the page in a browser - we recommend Chrome.
    - Right click on the element you wish to either include or exclude
    - Click Inspect and a console will open in the browser
    - Hover over the highlighted line of code and just confirm the element you selected is being highlighted
    - Right click on the line of code, hover over `Copy` and click `Copy selector`
  • Finally, paste the copied selector in the text field
  • If you have more selectors, you can add a comma in the field and continue to add as desired

When a monitored page has changed, you'll see a red exclamation in the StoreWatch homepage.
To acknowledged this last change, click the Acknowledge button and the red exclamation mark will change to a green tick.
The purpose of this is solely to help you identify what has changed since the last time.

Payments Questions

Payments are all managed by Shopify by the same method your store is. We don't see or store of any your payment data therefore your details remain secure.

All payments and billings are managed by Shopify.

Click on the Settings button in the top right corner from the StoreWatch app. You'll see your current subscription and options to upgrade - click on the the package you wish to upgrade to.

Click on the Settings button in the top right corner from the StoreWatch app. You'll see your current subscription and options to downgrade - click on the the package you wish to upgrade to.

Note when downgrading if the number of pages you are monitoring is greater the allowed number in the new package, you will need to remove any additional pages before downgrading. An alert will be shown in case you forget to.

Remove the app from the your Shopify store's apps list. Billing and payments will automatically be stopped and cancelled by Shopify.

Still unsure?

If there's anything we've missed above, feel free to contact us.